Postmark August 26, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

3:30 Thurs.

Hi Fuzz –

Tomorrow I’m going to start working days as well as nights.  This afternoon I went to a place called Manpower Inc.  What they do is hire people to work for other companies, then they pay you instead of the company you work for.  Anyway I’ve got to be there at 6:30.  It’s going to raise hell with my sleep, but the money is more important now anyway.

It’s 5:00 now.  Know what I just did?  I just read every one of your letters again.  Yup, every one from #1 to #18.  That’s a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.  Some of them I read twice — the ones that really mean a lot to me.  All of them mean a lot but a few of them are extra special.

It reminded me of a few things I was going to ask — like how did your diet turn out?  You know how I feel about women and their crazy dieting, so I hope it flopped.  I like you the way you are, not skinny and scrawny.

The only trouble with reading all those letters is that it’s so late now I don’t have time to write now.  And I doubt if I’ll have time tomorrow either, so it may be a few days before you get this.  Just remember that I love you and am always thinking of you.  Bye for now honey.

Love you,


Hi love — it’s me again.  And am I ever in a good mood!  I just got your last letter and that makes my whole day.  You should’ve seen me.  I went tearing up the stairs, banged into the door because it didn’t open (I forgot it was locked) and finally dug out my keys and got it in.  Once inside the poor envelope didn’t stand a chance.  Just about ripped to the letter in half getting it open, and that still wasn’t fast enough to suit me.  And then a seven page letter inside to boot.  Great!

Sorry about the mixup in getting my letters.  Lately I’ve sent them the same time every day — just before I go get Bob.  Therefore, the logical deduction is that you should get one a day.  However… someone goofed.  Though, as long as you get them.  I’ll bet your folks think I’m crazy writing you so much, but I don’t care, let them think what they want.  I’ll still keep writing whenever I can.  Promise!

Hey, who said that (adding my last initial to your name) bothered me?  Not a bit honey!  I kind of like it in fact.  Don’t I wish — perhaps someday.  I hope someday.  When you’re good and ready and sure of your choice that is.

Yeah, Labor Day… I’m coming for sure.  I’ve already told them at the park I’d be gone then.  And that’s a huge weekend for them too.  Tough banana!  Should be able to scrape up enough dough now that I’ve got two jobs.  I just got home from work a half hour ago (3:30).  Been up since six working in a warehouse unloading freight.  Gotta go again at seven until about 12:30.  You can see that I’m really trying.  Tomorrow I just work at the park until 12 or 1, so I can sleep late, thank God.

Sure wish you were out here.  Man could we have a blast!  But at the park I always see guys with their dates and having fun.  It really makes me miss the fun we had together.  I’ll bet most of these couples don’t realize just how lucky they are.  I can sure tell them!

Don’t worry about the delay in your letter.  I understand.  I figured you were probably pretty busy helping G.  I was just hoping that she hadn’t had any more problems.  Sounds as though she had plenty the way it was.

All registered for school, huh?  Sure doesn’t seem like it’s time for that yet.  How do you like the new building?  You’re probably going to like it but I’m sure glad I got out before this.  I just don’t think I could hack it.  How about your senior picture?  Had that taken yet?  You said something about maybe before or after school started.  Be sure to send me one as soon as you do.  You said you wished you could have a baby just like G., and asked if we should start on it when I’m home.  You know, that’s not a bad idea.  Wish we could, but… nope, not a chance.  Have to wait for while I’m afraid.  You also said you were sure I was glad to be free.  It’s kind of funny about that.  I am glad to be free, but I don’t think or feel that I’d be any less free with you.  You could never make me feel tied down because I’d always want to be with you, not forced to.  Do you know what I mean?  I do, but I can’t quite explain it.  Let’s just say it’s because I love you.  Very, very much.

You know, my whole world centers around just one person — you.  No one means more to me than you do, and no one ever has.  I wish I could call you up and tell you this right now.  I guess it will have to wait till Labor Day though.  But, boy!  Am I going to tell you then!

I’ve got to go take a bath now.  I stink!  Then I’m going to grab an hour’s sleep before Bob comes home.  Don’t know if I’ll have time to write tomorrow but I’ll sure try.

I love you, R., more every day.  It just won’t stop growing.  Take easy now, honey.

All my love,