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This letter was written on the back of a supplemental sheet of an application for IBM.  Have to admit I was pretty surprised he left this job so quickly but it makes more sense this way.  The man I remember wasn’t a salesman type guy and I was pretty shocked when I read he was ever in sales in the first place.  Also, at the end of the actual letter he starts cramming in words and writes the PS up the side margin to fit it in.

Postmark August 5th, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

Hi Honey,

Sorry about the writing material but Bob has this bad habit of using up all our writing paper. Sorry it’s been so long since writing last.

Say, that last letter I wrote… I was in a pretty bad way during most of it. First time in a long time I’ve been like that! Had a blast with the guys though.

It won’t happen again. I’m quitting Collins. It’s too damn much like being another damn door-to-door salesman. There’s a lot of money to be made real quick but it’s just not for me. Soooo…

I’m sending in an application at IBM and another place and try to get in on the job training set up in data processing. If nothing comes of that we’ll probably blow this town. Know for sure in about two weeks. Hope to get on with one of them because they’re both in Boulder. I’d give anything for a decent job up there.

I miss you an awful lot, honey. I’m just counting the days until Labor Day. If something comes up so I can’t get back then I think I just say to hell with the whole mess and go back anyway. I will say that Collins hasn’t given me much time to think about you lately, but when I do it’s just that much worse. Why else would I be writing you at 2:00 in the morning like this? And I’ve got to get up at 8:00. Therefore, I should sign off. Besides, I’m out of paper.

I love you,


P.S. They’re playing “Silence Is Golden” now. Wish you were here to hear it with me. Love ya.

From what I could research, the federal drinking age limit at this time was 18, though individual states were allowed to make it higher. I’m assuming by the tone of the letter, he’s underage in Colorado.  But hey, it’s 1967 so who cares, right?

Postmark August, 3rd 1967.  Denver, Colorado

Wed.  Noon.

Hi Honey,

I came home from dinner this noon and I’ve got a few minutes before I go back, so I thought I’d engage in one of my favorite pastimes – writing you.  Actually reading your letters is my favorite but this is second.

Hi Honey, I’m drunk.  But I placed my first god damned order tonight.  Then Mr. Evans and Jim and I went out and celebrated.  They’re great guys.  I may not be 21 but with them it doesn’t matter.  Mr. Evans said some things tonite that me feel pretty good.  He said he picked me to be on his crew because he always wanted the best crew in Denver and he’s the district manager so he got the pick of the bunch.  Besides that he paid for everything tonite.   Went to a bar called the Red Beret.  They got a negro piano player there that is just great.  Whenever he sees Mr. Evans come in there are three songs he plays no matter how many other requests he’s got.  I can’t remember the names but they’re good.  I’m gone to bed now but I want you to remember that I love you and am thinking of you all the time.  Mr. Evans asked me tonight (he was kind of toasted too) if I had a fiancé -(sp?) or any thing.  That got me started thinking of you even more.  Hope you miss me as much as I miss you.

Love you honey,


Postmark August 1st, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

Sun. Eve.


That’s about all I could say to Bob when I saw him, too.  I had just got back from work and was shot, as usual.  He made it back about one this afternoon.

I talked him into going off to Boulder for a swim.  I haven’t been out of this town for a week now and I was going bugs.  Fine.  We went up and got there just as the pool were closing, 7:00 o’clock.  So we rode around and saw some more of the town.  I’d love to live there.

We had a chance to pick up two girls on the way back, in a small town called Lafayette.  We talked to them for a minute but neither Bob nor I felt like pursuing the subject.  We miss what we got back home to much.

I can’t wait until my cuz gets here.  Just the chance to talk to a female for awhile would be welcome.  Don’t know how much I’ll be able to see her though, because of the odd hours I’ll be keeping.

Bob said he talked to you and you bitched him out.  Well, it wasn’t his fault I came out here, but I think if I would have known how much I would miss you, I never would have gone.

I’m sorry to hear Chuck stood you up.  In fact I’m a little bit pissed at him for a stunt like that.  And you can tell him I said so.  Boy!

Like I was saying about not caring about finding any available girls, you know?  For the last 10 days there have been broads all over the place because of that Teen-Age Fair across the streets.  I have never had such an opportunity to hustle in my entire life.Wasn’t even interested.  I must be sick or something.  Maybe just satisfied.

When Bob started talking about you I damn near headed for home right then instead of Boulder.   I already talked to my boss about L. D. weekend. Told him I still have a lot of stuff to bring down here from home.  I don’t think there will be any sweat as far as that goes.  If he won’t let me off I’ll quit, so help me God, I’ll quit.  And that’s a promise.

I just thought of something.  I hope to hell Dale isn’t going to be back, is he.   You said something  once about he might be back somewhere in there didn’t you, or did I dream this up?  I hope I dreampt it all.   I couldn’t stand the thought of having to share you for those few days.


I didn’t go to work today.  Bob woke me up before he left, but when I got up I just about fell flat on my face.  All morning I was making trips to the can.  Feeling better now, but still a little weak.  When Bob gets home I’m going to try to get some food in me again.  Maybe that will help.

Have you seen J.B.?    Mom wrote that he was home and Bob talked to him.  Bob gave him our address.   He’s going to be in Denver for a few days and is supposed to look us up.  Sure hope he does.

I just got your last letter.  About that bit about Dale – I had the feeling that that was the way it was.  Maybe leaving was to my advantage.  I have the funny feeling that it’s always going to be that way though.    But don’t feel that I’m pressuring you to make such a choice or ever expect it of you.  Whatever way you do finally choose, Dale, me, or some other guy, I’ll know that that is what you want for sure.  And just knowing you for the wonderful person you are is more than I have any right to expect from you, and your love…   I’m just glad that you can tell me that.  And I’ll keep telling you over and over again that I love you.  I’m just afraid you’ll get tired of hearing that before long, but I do love you, and I always will.



P.S. this is the last page of this pad and every sheet except 3 have gone to you.  How ‘bout that?

Postmark July 30th, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

Dear R,

I’m all alone… deserted on the foreign shore, knowing no one, friendless and afraid, seeking a friendly smile… actually I’m just crying over the fact that Bob went back home and I couldn’t go. (Sob) But, I will be brave. I will stare adversity in the face and keep my chin high until he shall return. I will overcome. (Actually, I just hate walking everywhere) Now that I’ve cried my poor little heart out on your shoulder I’ll cut the crap, okay?

I went grocery shopping late this afternoon. I figured that since we have a stove and fridge, now I’d pick up some stuff we could fix here. I ended up spending 14 smackers. I had two big bags to carry back 6 blocks. Actually it’s only 2 blocks in a straight line from our apartment, but because of the big fenced off construction area I had to detour 4 blocks, I was so pooped when I got back I didn’t eat anything anyway.

Tomorrow’s going to be a big day for me. Training class until 2: 30 and then I go out and observe. Probably won’t get home tomorrow night until 10 p.m. or after. Saturday I’m on my own. They had a bad week last week so we’ll have to work Sunday too. I won’t get a day off until next Sunday. But then the more I work the more money I get, so…

I’ve been studying all night again. I just took a short break to take a bath and write a few words to you. I suppose I’d best get back to work. So long for now,



It’s now 11:15 Friday nite and I have been working since 6:00 this morning. I went observing tonight and it was terrible. The guy I was observing said it was the worst night he’d ever had, and he’s an expert. It was a bitch. But, ready or not, I’m on my own tomorrow. Thank God they don’t expect more than one order our first week

The guys I work with are really great. They screw around with you a lot and give you a hard time, but when they get down to business they’re all dead serious about helping you the best they can. The guy I observed tonight told me he was going to try and get me on his crew. That made me feel pretty good. I hope I don’t disappoint him.

Well, gotta go. I’ve got a good two hours of studying to do before I go to bed. I won’t bother to close this letter because more than likely I’ll write some more before I send it. I’m thinking of you always.
It’s now Sat. nite. Just got home from work, (7:30)I was on my own today and didn’t place an order. My biggest consolation was that at least one of the three experienced guys got skunked and maybe one other one, I’m not sure. They seemed to think it was just great that I gave for presentations today. I guess they didn’t expect as much from me as I do.

Mr. Evans is always making fabulous offers to get guys to work harder. He told the other two guys with us today that if they each placed 20 orders in the next four weeks he would give them an expense paid three day vacation in Las Vegas. He told me that if I placed just one order today he would give me a complete new fly fishing outfit. He must’ve been reasonably sure that a new guy won’t place on his first day. Hope to place tomorrow, though. Have to go to work at 12:30.

Now it’s a quarter to eight and I’m going to bed. Ain’t that the shits, going to bed early on a Saturday night? If I was with you I probably wouldn’t make it home at all. I hope you don’t plan to make at home over Labor Day weekend, because you won’t gal. You’ll be all mine… that is if you don’t mind.

Well, good nite. More tomorrow. Love you forever.



Sunday morn. 8:30am. I just got up.

I can’t believe how I slept. Right after I wrote those few lines to you last nite I lay down on the bed with all my clothes on and fell asleep. About midnight I finally woke up and got ready for bed.

Today was the first time in three days I had a chance to go down and get the mail… and there wasn’t one from you. I got one from the folks but big deal. No, actually it is nice to hear from them, but I’d much rather get one of yours.

There’s one thing in your last letter I’m going to give you hell about, though. That was when you said “I have no talents-.” R, you have more talent than you know what to do with. You have a talent for being yourself, and of being the most sincere and honest person I have ever known. You have the ability to like people in general and a great capacity for love. And because of all these things, I love you. These are traits that everyone admires. You seem to enjoy the little things in life that most people don’t appreciate the way they should. The truth is R, your just too good to be true.

It’s all these things and more that makes me miss you so much. I just hope and pray that your idea of me won’t lessen while I’m away, because the way I think of you could never change.

All my love,


Just so you know, I accidentally posted this one yesterday instead of the proper letter.  My mistake.   You can scroll down to read the correct post, as I have posted this one (again) today, which forced that one down the page farther, but put everything in the proper order.  Still working out the kinks.

Postmark July 29th, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

Hiya, Fuzz!

It’s eleven thirty and I just got home from work and I’m dead tired, but I wanted to write you so you’d get this before you left.  You don’t know how I’ve been waiting and waiting for letter from you and wondering why the hell I didn’t get one.  This is Wednesday, by the way, and I got your letter Monday.  I’ve been trying to find time to write but haven’t found any, so now I’m making some.  (Excuse the writing but I’m trying to do this in bed.)

I hope you don’t get bumped on the way back like you did going down.  It’s a bad deal on the Fourth of July weekend though.  But I hope not, because I miss you.  I could fill this letter by saying I miss you!  I miss you!  I miss you!  over and over again.  It wouldn’t be a very interesting letter, but it would be a long one.  Anyway, hurry back, and let me know when you’re supposed to get in.  Okay?

R, you don’t have to worry about Terry.  Maybe I can explain better on paper how I feel.  I think Terry is a better person than she or anyone else thinks.  She’s unsure of herself and doesn’t know what she wants or expects from life.  If I can help her at all I will.  As for anything more than that, no dice.  I might have gone for in a big way before I met you, but not now.  Try to understand, please?

Now, on to the story of my wild two weeks.  Work.  Well, not all work, but quite a bit of it.  Last Saturday though Dex & I got a car together.  It’s the most beautiful ’48 Chevy you ever saw.  Our uncle gave it to us because it didn’t run and was just sitting out in the trees.  So last Saturday we went down to Irene and towed it back.  I diddled around and had a running in half an hour.  We went tearing around Sunnyview in it for a half an hour, then drove it into the station.  We worked on that Sunday and now all we have left is some brake work and install some new seats we bought out of a junker.

Then we’re going to paint ourselves and she’ll be ready to go.  Neat, huh?  I’ll give you a ride next week.  We’re not going to license it until after the first so we’ll only have to pay half-price.  So far we’ve only got about $8 apiece in it, so that’s not too bad.

Wakeman has been planning to take off next Wednesday.  He quit the theater, by the way, and is working on that new church by the hospital.  Anyway, he’s going to take it off.  I tried to talk him into staying until later in the summer, but he won’t.  So tonight I told him that if he waited until the middle of July I’d go with him.  So that is probably when we’ll leave.  We could still leave right after the wedding but I’d rather have a little more money in my pocket when we do.  Besides, I want to be able to see you for awhile.

You know how I’ve always told you whenever I took out another girl?  Well, since you haven’t been to handy for last week and a half I’ll have to tell you now.  One night last week (Tuesday I think) I had a date with Kay Ohm.  You’ll probably hear about that the minute you hit town because we saw the twins and some of your friends as we went into the show, and their mouths just about hit the floor.  Thursday there was a dance at the armory.  I met Barb Nelson, a girl Dex had been hustling, and had a date with her that night.  I’ve only seen Terry three times since you left.  Once we had lunch together, a week ago Sunday I was with her for almost 45 minutes, and last Sunday we went and had a couple of beers at Campbell when I got off work.  So you can see you don’t have to worry about her.

Well, it’s getting late and I have to go to work tomorrow morning, so I’d better close.  Say hi to Nancy for me and wish her and Bernie the best of luck.  You can tell her that I’m a little ticked off at her for keeping you down there so long, and I’m not sure I’ll forgive her (until you get back anyway).  And you be sure to hurry back.  I miss you.



Postmark July 27th, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

Monday Evening

Dear R, (Dear Juliet?)

Thanks for the pictures. I think that one snapshot is the best picture of you I’ve even seen. Bob disagrees. He still likes the one in my car. At any rate, I’m glad I have them both.

This letter writing is getting a little out of hand. I’m just not a letter writer, yet in the last week I’ve written more letters than the rest of my life combined. Of course, the person I’m writing to could have something to do with it.

Chances are I won’t be able to write as often from now on. I start work tomorrow and will be kept pretty busy for the next two weeks. I’ll still write when ever I get the chance though.

Well, we found Bob a job. Actually, we found him two jobs. One of them he can start next Mon. as a telephone contact man. The other one isn’t a sure thing yet but he’ll find out for sure tomorrow. That one is in the order dept. of some store. It should pay pretty good and has a training program with it. Anyway, I think we’ve got the ball rolling now.

Oh yeah. This is kind of cute. But you don’t breathe a word of this to Ruth or Bob will kill you. Ruth told Bob that someday she wanted a V.W., painted competition orange with black polka dots and two orange balls stuck on two antennas on the front end. Then paint “Lady Bug” on the back. Well, today Bob bought a model VW and is going to fix it up that way. He’s never built a model before and he’s having a blast. It may not look like Ruth’s dream car when he’s done, but it’s the thought that counts. (He just put the front axle on crooked so it’ll be turning corners all the time). He got me laughing so hard I just about drowned in my coke.

Well, now it’s Mon. nite. My first day at the office today… and what a day. From 9:00 – 2:30 had training. Got off and went home and have been studying until now. (It’s 10:45) Bob’s been helping me a lot. I’m just about shot now.

I took twenty minutes off for supper, then about 6:45 (your time) I tried calling you but you were working. Next time I’ll make an appointment before I call.

Well, this is going to be all for tonite. I know it’s not much, but I’m too far gone for any more right now. I’m thinking about you though.



Hiya R Beautiful

As always

(in the middle of everything)


I’m back, for a while any way. Thanks to Bob it looks like this letter is going to be a page longer, but I guess that’s okay. It would have been pretty long anyway.

I got your letter today (Wed) when I got home from work. You asked me more about my job. Well, like I told you, I’m working for P.F. Collier. Now Collier’s is coming out with a new major reference library next year, which is our way of saying an encyclopedia. What I’ll be doing is promoting this library. Now when you think of Colliers, you probably think of magazines. Colliers went out of the magazine business 10 years ago, but that’s still what we are associated with. Part of my job will to help change this. More specifically though, what I’m being trained for is to interview people and actually give away these encyclopedias. Sounds easy? Well it’s not, believe me. The people have to qualify and we have to be very selective.

According to the program I’m supposed to go from class-room to active training Mon. But I’ve talked to a couple of guys who have been there a few days longer and none of them are going to make it in their scheduled time. They were held back for one reason or another. So this kid is working his little red butt off so I won’t be held back a day. Last night I had four full pages to memorize word perfect and be able to present today in a conversational way. I think I did okay, at least a B, maybe an A (we’re graded, like school). Tonight I just have two and ½ pages, that’s why I thought I’d have time to write you some before I started on it. Besides this we have all sorts of other crap to do. It is really worse than school.

But then at school I didn’t have all this morning looking me in the face. You see, if we do well enough in training they will put us on what they call an incentive plan. If I get on that I will get $60 for each and every library I place. The average is about 3-4 a week, in which case I’d be making $210 – $280 a week, and that ain’t hay.

I talked to one fellow that was in charge of part of our training yesterday. His name is Larry Robuck and he’s a training manager making $15,000 a year. He’s nineteen years old and has been with the company four months.

Now it’s 10:15. I’ve been working on those 2 ½ pages for over 4 hrs now and I’m sick and tired of that shit. I still don’t know it as good as I should but I’m going to bed now and getting up early tomorrow and study for a couple of hours.

We moved into a larger apt today. This one is really nice. I think we’re going to stay here for a while now. It has a stove and a frig, and two rooms with two beds. About now Bob and I both count the two beds as a blessing. It even has a fireplace. Real fancy like.

There was a shooting this afternoon right on the corner where I work. I was home at the time but there were sirens going all over hell for a while and then we heard it on the radio. Some guy got it in the chest. They haven’t caught the guy who did it yet though.

R, I’m almost sure now that I’ll be back over Labor Day, possibly for a few days. That is if everything works out like I hope it will. I hope it does because I want to see you so bad I can taste it. You were right though in saying you have decisions to make and your still being young. It has always been my policy not to say such things, but then… you’re changed a lot of my policies. I’m the future I will just stick to telling you how very much I love you and want you. Or maybe now would have been a more appropriate time to send you that one short letter of mine, I don’t know.

Well, I’ve got to hit the sack pretty quick like. I’m going to have to get up at 6:00 tomorrow and do some more studying. I’ll also close this letter because I just realized how long it’s gotten. I’ll start another one tomorrow tho, because I just have to write you some every day. I love you, honey, and don’t ever forget it.

Love always,

Romeo <— Where the hell did you ever get that?


P.S. Oh, yeah, our Zip Code. Well I’m in bed now and I’m not getting up to look for it, but you used it right on one of your first letters.

All my love,


Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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