You may or may not have noticed dad’s style and spelling have changed a little bit.  I use speech-to-text software to translate all of these letters and it works pretty well, the only problem is that it spells everything correctly.  Dad always spells “nite” instead of “night.”  Stuff like that.  Well, every time he did it I had to go back and manually change it back to the wrong spelling.

No more!  I’m just letting the program do what it has to.  I’m also not going to abbreviate all the stuff he does anymore.  From now on when he writes “Going to leave Mon. Morn. for L.D. and get there that eve.” you’re going to be reading “Going to leave Monday morning for Labor Day and get there that evening.”

So much less work on my part, and I’m nothing if not lazy.

Postmark August 22, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

Tues. Afternoon

Hi Fuzz —

Boy, talk about having it easy!  I took Bob to work then came back and slept till noon.  Wish I could do that more often.  When I finally forced myself out of bed I took a bath and got something to eat.  Now I don’t have a thing to do until 6:00.  Oh yeah I do.  Almost forgot.  Have to change sheets today.

Tomorrow I have the interview with IBM.  Can’t wait to get that over with so I’ll know where I stand.  At least I hope I’ll know.  Sure would be nice anyway.

If I get real energetic I’m a look up pastor Madsen this afternoon.  His church is right downtown here someplace I guess, not sure just where.  Just remembered that Joan lives out here too.  Saw one of her brothers back home early this spring.  The other one is in the Navy now I think.  I don’t know if you know them or not, but you should remember Joan, don’t you?  Don’t know how to find their address though, because I don’t think their father is living anymore or not living with them or something.  Even if he was I don’t remember his name.  Oh well, I can try anyway.

Didn’t get a letter from you today (sob).  In fact I didn’t get any mail (double sob).  But I guess that’s life.

Time sure goes slow when I have so much of it to sit around and think about you.  Every five minutes I look at the calendar but it just doesn’t move.  It’s still just as long till Labor Day as it was five minutes ago (12 days till I see you).  Seems like forever.

When we come back we’re going to fix up a bed in the back seat.  That way we can each catch a few hours sleep on the way.  Since I’m not planning on any sleep at all Sunday night (you’d best not plan on any either).  Bob will start driving back and I’ll sleep half way.  We’ll be leaving Monday morning.  Should work out pretty good that way.  Wish we were leaving tonight though.

I can’t wait until I can be with you again.  R., you don’t know how much it means to be with you, to talk to you and feel you near me.  I love you so damn much it hurts, but I’ve never had such a wonderful pain before.  I’ll gladly put up with it.  Wish you were here to make it worse, in fact.

Well, I got to go move the car before I get a ticket.  Besides, this is the last piece of paper in the place.  Sorry about that.  I’ll have to get some more real quick like.  Take it easy, Fuzz —

Love you always,


PS.  Out of stamps too.  Out of everything.  It’s a rough life.