So I think my attempt to post when dad posted was a noble one, but a couple things are getting in the way.

One: Dad was a prolific dude.  Letters almost every day, and long letters at that.  He had more time on his hands than I do.

Two: This series of letters ends on September 10th, and doesn’t pick up again until February 20th – RIGHT AFTER HE ENTERS THE ARMY!! Now obviously I’m not going to put a five month break in here.  I’ll lose the four of you who are actually reading this thing.

But I am going to have to cut back.  Starting next week I am going to try to post letters on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  It will allow me a little more time to get these done and also give you a schedule you can count on (i hope).  So no letter today, and we’ll start this little experiment on Monday.

Okay? Okay!