Postmark August 20, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

Sun. noon.

Hi Fuzz –

Just got up a little while ago.  Didn’t have a chance to write yesterday.  I started working at Lakeside amusement park last night to bring in a few extra bucks.  Worked till one in the morning.  This is just temporary till after Wednesday’s interview with IBM.  It’s kind of fun though.  I work with the bumper cars.

I have to leave for work in 20 minutes so this isn’t going to be very long.  Wish I could spend all afternoon writing to you.  Can’t though.  But tomorrow I’ll send a nice long one, okay?  Okay!

A drunk fell down the stairs in our building yesterday and just about killed himself.  He got a room right next to ours.  Another guy and I found him and called an ambulance.  He’s still in the hospital as far as I know.  Great neighbors we got.

Well I’ve got to get dressed and be on my way.  I love and miss you R., and I’m counting the days till I see you.  Two weeks from today we’ll be home.  Can’t wait till then. Take it easy!