Job #3?  Really?

Postmark August 18, 1967. Denver, Colorado.

Thurs. afternoon

Hi Hon-

Boy, what a day I’ve had so far.  I went to Wards after taking Bob to work.  I was there until nearly 3:00 this afternoon, but I’ve got the job.  Had to take a physical and all sorts of neat stuff.  It’s as a salesman in rugs, linoleum, tile, and stuff like that.  Has a base pay of $70 a week or your commission, and they expect your commission to be more than that or you don’t work there long.  Anyway, I’m supposed to start there tomorrow at 12:30.

Well, after I left there I came back and got my till key and went to the station and told the boss.  Then I came back and picked up the mail.  I got a letter from you, Aunty, and a card from the folks.  There was a letter there from Seattle, and I figured it was from one of my brothers.  It wasn’t.  It was from B.N. They couldn’t bring themselves to write so they had her do it for them.  That’s really a couple of nice guys, huh?

Also, I got a letter from IBM.  They want me to go up to Boulder for an interview.  Great!  I just quit one job, haven’t even started on another, and now they finally want to see me.  So early tomorrow morning I’m going to bomb up there and talk to them.  This is getting to be quite a mess.  But if I can get on there I’ll sure take it.  Then Bob will be working in Denver and I’ll be in Boulder, and we’ve only got one car.  And it’s a long ways up there.  Bob’s job is too good to quit so I don’t know what we’re going to do.  Learn to fly maybe?

Gonna have to have a long talk with Bob about this tonight.  He may have to work till 9:00 though.  I have to go out there and see about 6:00.  Right now I’m busy washing clothes so I’ll have some clean ones to wear tomorrow, whatever happens.   So I’m planning on ironing till midnite at least.

I should know more after tomorrow.  Seems like I’m always saying that though.  And tomorrow always seems to bring up more problems.  Ah well, that’s life.

Last nite right after I finished your letter they played that song “Dreams” on the radio. I shut the radio off and went to bed.  Thought a lot about you and your letter.  And I prayed.  That’s something I don’t do often enough anymore.  Just like a lot of people I only pray when I want something real bad.  And that something is you.

So you’re an aunt now.  I’ve been going to ask you about that in my last few letters but I always forget.  Tell Steve that if he is passing out cigars that I expect one when I get home.  You save it for me, okay?  Of course I won’t smoke it in front of you.

Sorry about your little problem, but I’m damn good and glad you’re not a boy.  What would people think about us?  But if you stop feeding your brother the Mitol and use them yourself it might help.   I figured it would start pretty quick, because it’s been a month today since I left.

One month today.  When I think of you it seems like forever.  Yet in other ways it seems like we just left, or haven’t ever gone yet.  It’s kind of funny.  But usually it seems like forever because I’m usually thinking of you.

Well, I’m going to knock off for a while and finish the laundry and go pick up Bob.  I hope I can finish this tonite but I won’t promise anything.  Goodbye for now.  Love you.

High – I’m back.  I’m waiting for a load in the washer to finish.  So I’ll add a few more words.

I was going to ask my last initial was on your name in your last letter.  Aren’t you being just a little premature?  Not that I’d mind in the least, but not yet.  At least wait until I get home… it’s a great idea though as far as I’m concerned.

Wish the damn wash would hurry up and shut off.  I’m going to be late picking up Bob the way it is.  When I get there he’ll probably tell me he has to work till nine.  Just my luck.  There goes the washer.  Got a run.  More later.

Later – Well, I’ve ironed a couple shirts for tomorrow.  Still not sure what I’m going to do tomorrow and probably won’t know until I’m doing it or already done it.  But I know one thing – I’ve got to get up early, so I’m going to go to bed now.  Write tomorrow if I have a chance.

Love ya,