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So Bob is on his second job.  Dad is on his second job.  They’re broke.  And rent is due.  Dum dum dum!!  How will our heroes survive?

I’ve caught up with the letters as they were written, so from now on they won’t be posted daily but rather on the day they were originally postmarked.  So from here on out you can expect some days without posts, posts on weekends… whenever they were sent, they’ll be posted.

Postmark August 16, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

Tues. Eve.

Hi Honey –

This is going to be a short letter and full of gripes and growls, but don’t mind me – I won’t bite.

First of all, Bob quit his job.  He took another one and started today, but he’ll look into some better ones tomorrow.  Right now though it looks like a lean week for us.  Bob’s got nine bucks to his name and I’ve got nineteen – and the rent is due tomorrow.  Ouch!  We’ve still got eighty bucks stashed away but we aren’t going to use that except in an emergency.  I hope there won’t be one!

Bob’s still not sure if he’s going to stay here or not.  I wish to hell he’d decide for sure.  I want time to get some transportation before he takes off – if he does. And if he stays we’ve got to get Colo. license plates and drivers licenses, and take care of several parking tickets Bob has accumulated.  But no sense in doing any of that until he’s sure.  And parking tickets out here aren’t cheap either.

I had to walk home from work today.  Bob’s new job is from 5:00 – 9:00 and I get off at 6:30.  Great.  And I couldn’t catch a bus.  It’s only about twenty blocks though.

When I got home I ate, washed clothes, and took a bath.  I just finished ironing a shirt for tomorrow.  Right now I’m bushed.  About ready to hit the sack.  I wanted to write a few words to you first, though.  Thinking of you was the only bright spot in my whole day, but you shone through strong and bright like you always do.  Every day at noon now I pick up a couple hamburgers and walk a couple of blocks to the Capitol grounds and flop on the grass.  I spent just about my whole noon hour thinking of you.  It’s the most enjoyable hour in my whole day.  I love you and can’t wait to see you again.  Hope it’s soon.

Well, got to get some sleep.  Sorry this is so short.  I’ll try to do better next time (possibly tomorrow) but I can’t promise.  Yes I can.  I promise my next letter will be a long one – well, longer than this one anyway.

“Take it easy”



Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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