Well, my dad went and messed up my whole system.  I was posting these by the date they were postmarked because he never bothered to actually write a date on his letters… until now.  So this one started on the 11th – 3 days ago.  as you can see, sometimes his letters drag on for days, so I’ll keep publishing on the postmark date because those dates are the closest to the time the letters are finished.  As always, rules are subject to change or substitution depending upon availability.

Postmark August 14th, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

Fri.  Aug 11 – 67

Hi Hon –

Well, I got a job.  At least temporarily.  I didn’t take the one I told you about in my last letter.  It was the same deal as with Colliers but a different company.  I did take a job at a service station though.  Starts out at $1.40 an hour.  I start tomorrow morning.  It’ll be kinda fun to get a little grubby again.  I miss that.  And it’s good to know I’ll have some money coming too.

I got two letters today – one from IBM and one from Neodata.  Neo. said nothing was available right now.  IBM just acknowledged my application and said it would be a while before it could be evaluated and all that jazz.  So it’s hard telling when I’ll hear anything definite from them.

It was kind of funny this morning.  When I went to that office they gave four applicants a big line just like we got at Collier’s.  I could follow him word for word in most parts.  Then he asked everyone if they felt they would like that kind of job and if they could handle it.  All the other suckers nodded their fool heads off but I just sat there.  Finally he asked me – and I said “No!”   I never saw such a dumb look on anyone’s face in my life.  I’ll bet that has never happened to him before.  And then I got up and walked out, and laughed my way down the whole length of the hall.  I’d give ten bucks to be able to do that again!  That probably ruined his whole day, but it sure made mine.

I don’t know how we’re going to work this transportation bit now.  I have to be at work at 8:30 and Bob doesn’t usually go until 11 or 11:30.  I get off at 6:30 and Bob doesn’t it off until 8:00 or so.  I guess he’ll have to give me a ride in the morn. and I’ll have to wait an hour and a half in the eve.  I guess I could check on the bus routes too, but I hate taking buses.  I took one this afternoon up to get Bob’s car and that was bad enough.

Say, Bob’s improving – he washed three dirty glasses before he left this morning.  He forgot some silverware but you can’t expect miracles – especially from him.  Give me time he’ll end up at half civilized person (I hope, oh how I hope).

You did it again last nite.  No sleep.  Finally at 1:30 I got up and made myself a Swiss cheese sandwich.   I thought maybe it was hunger pangs but it didn’t help.  It was just thinking about you that did it.  I probably won’t get any sleep until you’re in bed with me.  No, then I know I wouldn’t get any sleep.  I guess I’m in one hell of a mess.  I wonder how long a person can go without sleep.  Well that’s about how long I’ve got left.  And it’s all your fault.  Or maybe it’s my fault.  Dean’s maybe?   I don’t know, but anyway I’m hungry so I’m going to stop and fix me another S. cheese sandwich.  More of my brilliant penmanship later.

I’m back – I just picked up Bob.  Is he ever riding high tonite!  He sold $105 worth of junk today, which is better than anyone in the whole operation has done except for the manager. Not bad at all.  And last week he was second highest in Denver and sales.  He’s shooting for salesmen of the week now (the week starts on Fri. so he’s off to a good start).

I’m back -like Sat. nite now.   If you can’t read this later (now) it’s because we’re in the car on the way to Boulder.  The legible parts are when we’re stopped at a sign.  Don’t know what we’re going to do tonite but we got to do something to relax.  So we’re off.

First day at the station today.  It’s kind of fun to do something like that again.  Don’t do as much mechanic work as at the D.S. though (Bob just got us lost so maybe we won’t make Boulder after all).  They do a lot of things different, but it wasn’t hard to catch on (we just figured out where we are).

It’s getting very windy and hard to write, so I’ll stop before I lose this letter out the window.  See you later.

Sun. eve – Sorry about dragging this letter on this way.  I’ve been sitting here relaxing for the last hour.  Had to work today – and tomorrow – and all next week and maybe all next weekend too.  But that’s okay.  It keeps me busy, and I’ve enjoyed it a lot more the last few days.  I might even get to like Denver at this rate.  That’s something I never thought I’d say.  There’s still one big thing missing though – you.  If you were here I’d love the place.

Haven’t heard a thing from J. or my cousin.  She should be here in Denver now.  Of course with nobody here most of the time she may have come while we were out.  I don’t know.  I wish I could have seen them both.

Oh yeah – Bob’s working for Bell Telephone  – we got the message loud and clear.

Well – I’ve got to take a bath and go to bed.  Didn’t get back from Boulder until 2:30 so I am kind of tired.  Went to a double feature at the drive-in.  Bob got drunk but then he slept all day today, too.  I didn’t (get drunk or asleep all day). So – good nite.  I’ll try not to drag these things out like this from now on.  In fact I’ll send another letter tomorrow, okay?  That’s a promise.

Love you always –