We just hit 33 for those of you playing at home.

Turns out I was wrong twice, as his drawing goes with this letter.  I’m still not moving it, but we finally get to put that mystery to bed.

Shell Scott stories were written by Richard Prather, and though my library doesn’t have them, you can bet your sweet bippy I’m going to track some of them down.

Postmark August 13th, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

Mon. eve.

Hi Hon,

I have a feeling this is going to be a long, long book…er… I mean letter.  I’m feeling different tonite – like I’d like to see you and talk to you.  But first things first.  Thanks for the two pictures.  I got both your Fri. and Sat. letters today.  I really like the one of you in bed.  Wish that bed of yours wasn’t so far away.

You said not to worry about your date with Joe.  Honey, I don’t worry about you and other guys.  I know you and love you and trust you too much.  I do get a little jealous though – not of the times you go out with someone else but the time that I don’t get to see you.  I love you R, and I know I’ll always feel this way about you.  I love you.

I’m glad you’re goofing around again.  It’s just not like you to sit around at home.  Just take it easy at the Showboat.  Once in a while it gets pretty wild over there.

Well, start wasting paper.  I mean all those little things that “aren’t worth wasting paper on.”  They’re worth it to me R.  I really miss that stuff.  “Just stupid stuff – you know.”  And the not-so-stupid stuff, like about Dale.  I think you’ve got the right idea.  If you want to go to college for a year it won’t be wasted, no matter what you do after that.  He’s gonna have to realize that you’re the kind of girl who thinks for herself and that he can’t force you to see things his way.  I don’t think, in fact I know, that no one could do that.  And anyone who knows you and loves you wouldn’t want you to change in any way what-so-ever.  At least I know I don’t.  I want you just the way you are.

No, it’s not too much to ask for.  And don’t settle for anything less.

Enough of that.  Quote – “change the subject.”  Okay, I will.  Change to what?  Oh yeah – you are going to send me a picture of you in glasses.  What if I said I wouldn’t come home until you did?  Could you have one here by L.D.?    No, I couldn’t say that – I’m having a hard time waiting for L.D. the way it is.    It’s a little over two weeks off and it seems like two years.

We got Bob’s muffler fixed today.  All $23.38 worth.  Ouch!  It’s going to be a lean week I’m afraid.  Bob’s really hurting about now.  He got a raw deal at work.  Some of the stuff he sold didn’t get delivered on time so he won’t get a lot of his money until next week.  He got less than half of what he should have got today.  Tonite he got a paper and started looking through the want ads again.  One good thing – if he quits he’ll still have money coming from them over the next 3 or 4 weeks.  We’ll see tomorrow.  Anyway, I’m going to have to take a morning off next week and go pay a small fine on the mufflers.  Between $5 & $10 from what I hear just asking around.

They finished playing “Cherish” on the radio.  I had to stop and listen.  You don’t know how that song affects me, but you get an idea from that one short letter of mine.  Yesterday noon while I was eating I played it four times on the jukebox.  It is just about the saddest and loveliest song I’ve ever heard.  I know I’ll always think of that song in connection with you.  I love you so much!

You said something about wanting to see some of those things I wrote that one night.  Like I said, I tore up most of them, and I’ll probably do the same with the rest.  I’ll send you the sketch of the room though.  You must realize it’s not a professional artist’s work, in fact it looks like someone had a grudge on the room.  But then it was done pretty late at night (or early in the morning – 2:30).

You said Dex had a date Sun.  With who?  You realize that I’m behind the times here.  I mean, I’ve been gone for nearly four weeks (in fact, 4 weeks today) so I’d imagine he’s hustled three or four girls in that time.  Keep me posted, okay?

Say – have you ever read any of those Shell Scott detective stories?   I bought five the other day at a used bookstore (paperbacks).  They’re so damn funny I nearly die laughing.  Bob thought I was nuts at first but now he’s reading them and nearly cracking up to. And they’re supposed to be serious!  Here – I’ll quote you a paragraph.  This guy, Shell Scott, was trying to fix a breakfast of oatmeal.

“… well, where some people have mental or physical blocks I guess I have a mush block.  Damned if it didn’t happen again.  I even stood there watching it while it went flop, flop, flop – when lo and behold, there wasn’t a flop left in it.  The thing just lay there, looking at me kind of darkly.  It was dead.  I’d killed it.  And who wants to eat dead oatmeal?   So I put the pan in the sink and squirted water in it -psheeee, breakfast was over.”

Not funny?  Yes it is – isn’t it?  Well, it is in the book.  Anyway, I’ll let you read them if you want.  They’re quite humorous, really they are.

Say, I just thought of something.  I’ve got 13 letters from you now.  That’s an unlucky number so you’d best send some more real quick like and change all that.  Like 13 more tomorrow.  This week?  Well, as soon as possible.

Bob and I had a delicious two course dinner tonite.  The first course was pork and beans and the second was chicken noodle soup.  Great show of imagination, huh?  I sure thought so.  But we ran out of bread, so no more Swiss cheese sandwiches for a while.  (Sob!)  Bob just discovered that Swiss cheese, soda crackers, and beer goes well together, so perhaps all’s not lost.

Well, it’s getting late so I’d better knock off for tonite.   I sure felt like talking to you though.  I just about called hoping I’d catch you at home.  After taking stock of my resources I decided I’d best not.  Besides, I’ve got to start saving for L.D., right?   But I do miss you very much and think of you all the time.  I love you, honey, and I only wish you knew how much, I can’t even realize how much that it is.

Goodnight, my love,


P.S.  Sketch of room is enclosed.  Very interesting.