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I thought about renaming this blog “gushing young love” after counting up 29 “I love you’s” so far.  Of course this is just a prelude to his vietnam years, so this is leading up to a much longer separation when his tour starts.  I’m guessing of course, as I haven’t actually read any of them yet.

And to prove it, the picture from yesterday was actually mailed with this letter, not yesterday’s letter, but I’ll leave it where it is.  It also turns out that Cheathan is correct and it’s a last name, not first.  Makes me feel better.

No postmark.  August 12th? 1967. Denver, Colorado

12:00 noon

Greetings and Salutations!

Just got two of your letters this morning. When I opened them, what do I find? Three! All in one day – pretty good. I don’t mind that a bit. In fact I wouldn’t mind getting three every day. I made Bob drive to work while I read them. It’s a beautiful day now!

Sorry to hear about R. B. That gives me something else to worry about. Please be careful when you’re swimming out there, OK? I don’t want anything to happen to you – you’re too precious to me. So play it cool, okay?

Tell your brother to get off his dead end and quit goldbricking. No wonder he’s a wreck – a month of lying around doing nothing is enough to kill anyone. Exercise, that’s what he needs. Tell him it’s orders from Dr. J.  And I don’t like to send get well cards, but I might send him something like a jug of poison to put him out of his misery.

I just got back from a job interview. I go back tomorrow for an orientation type session, then if I like what I hear I’ve got a job. Can’t tell you much about it right now, but maybe in my next letter I can. Believe me I’m looking for a job I like – not just big money. And I’m taking into consideration such things as hours, weekends, and holidays. If it’s not the way I want it I won’t take it. And I told them as much today. We’ll see tomorrow how things come out.

I’m making like a housewife today. Just changed sheets on both beds and now I’m going to do some ironing and maybe some washing. It’s all left up to me ‘cause Bob would never think of it, but then most of the stuff that needs washing and ironing his mine anyway. Should do a little shopping today too. So I best sign off for now – more later.

Later – 20 more minutes and I’m gonna call you. I can hardly sit still because I want to do it now! But I want to be sure you’re home when I do call. You’re just getting off work about now. Hurry home! 15 more minutes – 14 – 13 – 12 – gee they’re going slow. Gotta think of something else for a few minutes. OK?

OK. Something else. What? You’re all I want to think about. Can’t think of anything more interesting in the whole world. And that covers an awful lot!

I decided I’d wait with the call until 10:15. That means I’ve still got 20 minutes to wait. You’ve just got to be home!

I had kind of a weird nite last night. I couldn’t get to sleep. Finally I got up and, because I didn’t have anything special to do, I made a sketch of the room. Don’t ask me why – when I finally went back to bed I still couldn’t sleep. (10 more minutes) At 3:00 I was still thinking about you. I don’t know what time I finally did drop off but at 6:30 I was wide awake again. So I lay in bed staring at your picture till 8:30. See what you’re doing to me now? You won’t even let me get a good nites sleep anymore.

6 more minutes – can’t think of anything except talking to you. I’m better go get some more change now. I’ve already got so much in my pocket I’m nearly losing my pants, but the way I feel now I’m gonna spend about $10 on this call. So long for now – I’ll be talking to you in a few minutes, honey, and then I can tell you how much I love you. More later –

Later again – it’s been an hour since I talked to you. Seems like a year already. You don’t know how great it was. We talked for 17 minutes and it seemed like about five. If I make it home for L. D. I know that will be too short too. Wish we were closer so we could come back every weekend, or at least every other. Now I want to see you more than ever, and it was pretty bad before! I love you so damn much I can’t stand it. How I wish I could say I’m on my way back to you right now. I love you. Just hearing your voice about killed me. I love you I love you I love you. There… now you know. And when I see you you’re going to get sick of hearing me tell you that, I promise.

I’ve got to go to bed. Have to get up early tomorrow and I’ve got a feeling I won’t sleep much tonight either. I love you.


Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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