Dad gets a little goofy in the middle of the first letter.  I have no idea who Mel is or why Mickey Mouse is even mentioned.  Seems to be 1/2 of an imaginary conversation.  Funny though.  FYI: Poncho means Pontiac.

No Postmark. Written August 7, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

Monday, Aug 7th, eve.

Hi Fuzz!

Got your two letters today.  Just finished reading them for the 4th time.  You don’t know how much they mean to me… you couldn’t know — but never stop, okay?  Alright already.

Don’t worry about my job.  I quit as I told you in the letter I mailed this morning.  But I don’t think Mr. Evans was feeding me a lot of bull, because if he does anything but chew your ass you’re lucky.  And he’s got the top crew in the Denver district under him and he wants to keep it that way.  He had over 20 guys to pick from and he picked me.  I’m afraid I kinda let him down when I quit, but that’s life.  I hated to do it, but that kind of stuff just isn’t for me.  Oh yeah, the library you asked about — it’s the Collier Junior Classics and it’s the Collier Encyclopedia.  And they’re not about to skip town on anyone.  So there wasn’t any need to worry, was there?

You know something?  Actually I just a soon be working at a service station too.  I kinda miss that.  I’m trying to find something like that now.  I didn’t find anything today.  I spent half my time looking for this one place.  I’ll find out on Wed. if I’ve got a job there.  I’ve also got a possibility at a tire shop.  Something will come up, don’t worry.  I didn’t even cover a quarter of the possibilities I marked in the paper, and I found more in todays, so… And if I can’t find anything I’ll just loaf around and let Bob support me.  Wouldn’t that be nice?!!

Say Honey, I’m sorry about that letter I wrote while I was out of it.  I should have waited to tell you, but I just wanted to tell you then, so I did.  I even had to have Bob address the envelope, if you noticed.  If he hadn’t you probably never would have got it, which would have been just as well.  It won’t happen again, I promise.  It was the only time since we left that I did any real drinking, so it’s not something we do all the time down here.  OK?  OK.  Enough on that.

You there!  Hi!  How you doing, Mel?  Good, glad to hear it.  Quiet, gotta watch the Mickey Mouse show.  Wanna watch?  Yeah?  Well — okay.  Shhhhhhh.  Say now — about Dale —  if he’s going to be home over labor day let me know and I’ll come some other time.  I don’t think things would work out for anyone if we were both there, do you?  Actually I’d kind alike to meet the guy though — just to see what I’m up against.  I’m sure he’s a great guy.  At least he’s got excellent taste in women.  Runs pretty much the same as mine, did you notice?  Funny thing.  Oh well…

I’m in a funny mood about now.  Don’t know if it’s good or bad.  Wish you were here to tell me.  Of course if you were here I’d be in a great mood.  You seem to have that effect on me.  Wonder why?  I just realized how my letters ramble on and on about everything and nothing.  But it makes me feel better to write you.  You can tear these up for burn them if you want, but I’m just gonna keep rambling.  OK?  OK!

Say — that “skinny dippin” sounded like fun!  Wish we could’ve done that before I left.  Maybe Labor Day if it’s warm enough, how’s that?  Gotta million things to do that weekend.  Better make it a long one.  How many days do you get out of school?  Don’t you start just before L.D.?  Anyway, it’s gonna be a blast.  If it’s warm enough will see if we can’t get a beach party going with a mess of couples.  That’s something else I wanted to do before I left and never got it done.  Well, maybe Labor Day.

Too bad about needing glasses, but I kind of suspected it.  No, I don’t remember what Terri’s glasses were like, but I’m sure they’ll look good on you.  As long as they don’t make you look like an old maid librarian or something.  As soon as you get them have someone take a picture and send it to me.  I want to be able to recognize you when I see you!

Well, gotta pick up Bob now.  I’ll finish this later.  I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have someone like you to write to.

I love you forever,



Hi — I’m back!

I never should have left.  When I went to get Bob I got picked up.  Mufflers.  Got a warning ticket.  30 days.  Means we’ve got to get them fixed and spend some more dough.  Blast the luck!  I wasn’t even four blocks from the apt.  Oh well, easy come easy go.

If you’re wondering why I started writing on both sides of the paper is because I finally figured out that it saves paper.  (Duh)  Anyway I can write more on less paper.  Brilliant, huh?

If J. left Thurs. he should have been out here by now.  Maybe he came around when we weren’t here.  Hope not.  Bob said he wasn’t sure if he could stop off here, but he said he would probably be about the 11th.  But if he left Brkgs Thurs…  I don’t know.  I’d sure like to see him though.  Even if he did pull kind of a ratty trick on you.  He’ll hear about that if and when I see him.

R., I miss you something terrible.  All Bob and I do anymore is write letters to you and Ruth.  We’re both pretty damn lonely.  Wish we weren’t so far away so it would be a little more practical to run home once in awhile (by that I mean back to Brkgs to see you).  Maybe if things don’t pan out here We’ll try to arrange that.

Bob noticed your art work on the back of that one letter.  He got a good chuckle out of it.  If it wasn’t on part of the letter I’d have it framed and hung up by now, but I keep all of your letters together.  I can see that you put many long hours into that masterpiece though.  Wish I could hang it up.  Oh yeah, you’ll never believe this: Bob might become a Bible salesman.  He thinks he’ll try it part time in the mornings if he makes it he’ll quit Watkins.  I can’t see him selling Bibles, not the Bob I know anyway.

Last nite after I wrote that last letter to you I was feeling kind of depressed, so I started writing some stuff to myself.  All sorts of idiotic things.  Bob thought I was nuts.  I sat here writing for an hour and a half after he went to bed.  It was really weird.  I ended up tearing most of it up.  Wasted about 8 pages of paper.  I kept a couple though.  Maybe I’ll show them to you someday.  They’re really kind of funny.  You’ll have to promise not to laugh though.

Today I was reading through a book of poems in a store (I was checking on a job).  I found a couple that I thought were kind of good.  I copied two of them on scratch paper and I think I’ll copy them over and send them to you.  In a way they express how I feel, although I’ve never found anything that did that completely and as meaningfully as I feel it should.  I don’t know, maybe you’ll like them.

Things like those poems in that part from that book really hit me hard now.  I love you so much!  The poems themselves aren’t really very good but the ideas behind them are so appropriate of the way I feel about you that to me they’re beautiful.  I love you!  I love you!  Wish I could tell you in person.  I will before too long.  That I promise!

Let me tell you what it’s going to be like when we pull into town L.D. Wkend.  Before we do anything I’m going to make Bob drop me off at your place, no matter what time it is, nite or day.  Then I’m going to hug you and kiss you until you beg me to stop.  Then I’m going to go home, clean up, and pick you up in my Poncho (if it’s still running) and spend every minute I can with you.  (Count on one midnight swim if it’s warm enough) We’ll make that weekend a long one, but for me I know it will go too fast.  Forever would go too fast.  I’m looking forward to the minute I can hold you and it seems now like it will never come.  But until I can tell you in person I want you to remember that I love you deeply and I always will.  I wish there was a more meaningful way of saying that but I can’t find it.  I love you!

Well, gotta go.  I’m going to copy those poems now and send them along with this.  I love you, R., don’t forget that.  I know I can’t forget your love.