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Postmark August 7th, 1967.  Denver, Colorado

Sun. Eve.

Hi Honey,

Sorry I haven’t written for a couple of days but I was out of paper.  But now that I’ve got some I’ll make it up to you.  Come to think of it though I haven’t got a letter from you for a few days either.  Hmmm…  What’s going on back there, lose your pen?

Well, I quit Colliers yesterday morn.  I’ve got the check coming from them tomorrow that’ll keep me going for a while.  I’m going to go out and look for another job tomorrow too.  I’ve been looking in the want ads and I’ve got about a dozen possibilities marked and I’m not half through yet.  Should be able to find something, so I’m not worried… yet.

The Association is going to be at Elitch’s Aug. 13 so I’m going to go see them.  My cousin should be here then so I’ll see if she can go to.  Gotta make it to that place sometime!

Ever since you mentioned that song “Dream” or whatever it’s called, that song has been going through my head day and night.  It seems to fit pretty good at this end of the line to.  It seems like every song I hear reminds me of you in some way.

I read a book this weekend, The Dirty Dozen.

There was one part in there that really struck me.  Maybe you’ve seen the movie by now (I did) but this wasn’t in there.  The Captain, John Reisman, was in bed with a girl he loved and they were talking about a lot of things.  One thing he said was really beautiful.  She said, “I love you, John.  I believe you’re fond of me.  We may each die tomorrow… today.  What lost to the world?  None.  But how much greater the loss to ourselves without this.”  Now I’m not one to feel we should live for today in case tomorrow never comes, because I always know it will, but somehow this shows the insignificance of an individual and the magnificence of such a human relationship.  If tomorrow never did come for me, at least I would have experienced a true relationship like this built on love.  And I love you dearly.

It’s things like that passage that make me think of you all the time.  Sometimes it gets so bad that I have to force myself to think of something else or do something active.  It’s really bad.  I can’t eat and I’m getting all shriveled and yellow and my hair is falling out and I’m too weak to get out of bed.  No, not quite that bad yet.  But I do miss you.

Bob and I went up to Boulder again last nite and today.  Went to a show last nite and swimming this afternoon.  You don’t know how good it is to have a few minutes to relax once in a while.  I even got to sleep till noon today, or at least I stayed in bed till then.  Then we got up and fixed a big steak dinner.  The only thing we were missing was mashed potatoes and milk.  We ran out of milk and forgot to get more so we settled for Pepsi.  Pretty good!

They’re playing “The Stripper” on the radio now.  That’s one song that doesn’t make me think of you, anyway.

Had a little more race trouble here last week.  Some car windows were smashed and store windows smashed and shot out.  They just about had a riot started at one shopping center but some Negro leaders talk them out of it, and the owners didn’t press charges for the damage so everything’s okay now.  (I hope) there were rumors that a riot was supposed to start Tuesday, but it was changed to tonight.  So far I haven’t heard anything so I guess it’s off.

Hey, you know your suggestion about coming out and keeping house for us sounds great, but I’m afraid you’d have a pretty big job on your hands.  Bob is about the messiest slob I’ve ever seen.  I spend most of my time cleaning up after him.  He’s starting to improve but he’s still got a long way to go.  I’d sure like to see you out here though.  Why don’t you see if you can talk your folks into paying your relatives of visit?  I could send you the money to get out of here.  I won’t promise I’ll let you go back though.  Hell, I know you can’t, but I can still wish it, can’t I?

How did your slumber party go?  I don’t know why they call it a slumber party because all girls ever do is yak all nite.  It sounds like the type of party I’d like to attend.  I imagine you managed to find a lot of nutty things to do, huh?

Look, I’m going to call you this week if you’re not working.  I’ll make it Fri. nite so that if you are working you can let me know before then, okay?  It’ll be at 9:00 your time because of lower rates after 8:00 out here.  Hold it!  Make that Thurs. nite.  I’ll still get your letter in time if you sent it real quick like the day you get this.  O.K.?

Gotta go.  Suppose I’d best write the folks a letter.  I’d rather keep writing you, but…

All my love,


Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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