Postmark August 1st, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

Sun. Eve.


That’s about all I could say to Bob when I saw him, too.  I had just got back from work and was shot, as usual.  He made it back about one this afternoon.

I talked him into going off to Boulder for a swim.  I haven’t been out of this town for a week now and I was going bugs.  Fine.  We went up and got there just as the pool were closing, 7:00 o’clock.  So we rode around and saw some more of the town.  I’d love to live there.

We had a chance to pick up two girls on the way back, in a small town called Lafayette.  We talked to them for a minute but neither Bob nor I felt like pursuing the subject.  We miss what we got back home to much.

I can’t wait until my cuz gets here.  Just the chance to talk to a female for awhile would be welcome.  Don’t know how much I’ll be able to see her though, because of the odd hours I’ll be keeping.

Bob said he talked to you and you bitched him out.  Well, it wasn’t his fault I came out here, but I think if I would have known how much I would miss you, I never would have gone.

I’m sorry to hear Chuck stood you up.  In fact I’m a little bit pissed at him for a stunt like that.  And you can tell him I said so.  Boy!

Like I was saying about not caring about finding any available girls, you know?  For the last 10 days there have been broads all over the place because of that Teen-Age Fair across the streets.  I have never had such an opportunity to hustle in my entire life.Wasn’t even interested.  I must be sick or something.  Maybe just satisfied.

When Bob started talking about you I damn near headed for home right then instead of Boulder.   I already talked to my boss about L. D. weekend. Told him I still have a lot of stuff to bring down here from home.  I don’t think there will be any sweat as far as that goes.  If he won’t let me off I’ll quit, so help me God, I’ll quit.  And that’s a promise.

I just thought of something.  I hope to hell Dale isn’t going to be back, is he.   You said something  once about he might be back somewhere in there didn’t you, or did I dream this up?  I hope I dreampt it all.   I couldn’t stand the thought of having to share you for those few days.


I didn’t go to work today.  Bob woke me up before he left, but when I got up I just about fell flat on my face.  All morning I was making trips to the can.  Feeling better now, but still a little weak.  When Bob gets home I’m going to try to get some food in me again.  Maybe that will help.

Have you seen J.B.?    Mom wrote that he was home and Bob talked to him.  Bob gave him our address.   He’s going to be in Denver for a few days and is supposed to look us up.  Sure hope he does.

I just got your last letter.  About that bit about Dale – I had the feeling that that was the way it was.  Maybe leaving was to my advantage.  I have the funny feeling that it’s always going to be that way though.    But don’t feel that I’m pressuring you to make such a choice or ever expect it of you.  Whatever way you do finally choose, Dale, me, or some other guy, I’ll know that that is what you want for sure.  And just knowing you for the wonderful person you are is more than I have any right to expect from you, and your love…   I’m just glad that you can tell me that.  And I’ll keep telling you over and over again that I love you.  I’m just afraid you’ll get tired of hearing that before long, but I do love you, and I always will.



P.S. this is the last page of this pad and every sheet except 3 have gone to you.  How ‘bout that?