Postmark July 30th, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

Dear R,

I’m all alone… deserted on the foreign shore, knowing no one, friendless and afraid, seeking a friendly smile… actually I’m just crying over the fact that Bob went back home and I couldn’t go. (Sob) But, I will be brave. I will stare adversity in the face and keep my chin high until he shall return. I will overcome. (Actually, I just hate walking everywhere) Now that I’ve cried my poor little heart out on your shoulder I’ll cut the crap, okay?

I went grocery shopping late this afternoon. I figured that since we have a stove and fridge, now I’d pick up some stuff we could fix here. I ended up spending 14 smackers. I had two big bags to carry back 6 blocks. Actually it’s only 2 blocks in a straight line from our apartment, but because of the big fenced off construction area I had to detour 4 blocks, I was so pooped when I got back I didn’t eat anything anyway.

Tomorrow’s going to be a big day for me. Training class until 2: 30 and then I go out and observe. Probably won’t get home tomorrow night until 10 p.m. or after. Saturday I’m on my own. They had a bad week last week so we’ll have to work Sunday too. I won’t get a day off until next Sunday. But then the more I work the more money I get, so…

I’ve been studying all night again. I just took a short break to take a bath and write a few words to you. I suppose I’d best get back to work. So long for now,



It’s now 11:15 Friday nite and I have been working since 6:00 this morning. I went observing tonight and it was terrible. The guy I was observing said it was the worst night he’d ever had, and he’s an expert. It was a bitch. But, ready or not, I’m on my own tomorrow. Thank God they don’t expect more than one order our first week

The guys I work with are really great. They screw around with you a lot and give you a hard time, but when they get down to business they’re all dead serious about helping you the best they can. The guy I observed tonight told me he was going to try and get me on his crew. That made me feel pretty good. I hope I don’t disappoint him.

Well, gotta go. I’ve got a good two hours of studying to do before I go to bed. I won’t bother to close this letter because more than likely I’ll write some more before I send it. I’m thinking of you always.
It’s now Sat. nite. Just got home from work, (7:30)I was on my own today and didn’t place an order. My biggest consolation was that at least one of the three experienced guys got skunked and maybe one other one, I’m not sure. They seemed to think it was just great that I gave for presentations today. I guess they didn’t expect as much from me as I do.

Mr. Evans is always making fabulous offers to get guys to work harder. He told the other two guys with us today that if they each placed 20 orders in the next four weeks he would give them an expense paid three day vacation in Las Vegas. He told me that if I placed just one order today he would give me a complete new fly fishing outfit. He must’ve been reasonably sure that a new guy won’t place on his first day. Hope to place tomorrow, though. Have to go to work at 12:30.

Now it’s a quarter to eight and I’m going to bed. Ain’t that the shits, going to bed early on a Saturday night? If I was with you I probably wouldn’t make it home at all. I hope you don’t plan to make at home over Labor Day weekend, because you won’t gal. You’ll be all mine… that is if you don’t mind.

Well, good nite. More tomorrow. Love you forever.



Sunday morn. 8:30am. I just got up.

I can’t believe how I slept. Right after I wrote those few lines to you last nite I lay down on the bed with all my clothes on and fell asleep. About midnight I finally woke up and got ready for bed.

Today was the first time in three days I had a chance to go down and get the mail… and there wasn’t one from you. I got one from the folks but big deal. No, actually it is nice to hear from them, but I’d much rather get one of yours.

There’s one thing in your last letter I’m going to give you hell about, though. That was when you said “I have no talents-.” R, you have more talent than you know what to do with. You have a talent for being yourself, and of being the most sincere and honest person I have ever known. You have the ability to like people in general and a great capacity for love. And because of all these things, I love you. These are traits that everyone admires. You seem to enjoy the little things in life that most people don’t appreciate the way they should. The truth is R, your just too good to be true.

It’s all these things and more that makes me miss you so much. I just hope and pray that your idea of me won’t lessen while I’m away, because the way I think of you could never change.

All my love,