Just so you know, I accidentally posted this one yesterday instead of the proper letter.  My mistake.   You can scroll down to read the correct post, as I have posted this one (again) today, which forced that one down the page farther, but put everything in the proper order.  Still working out the kinks.

Postmark July 29th, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

Hiya, Fuzz!

It’s eleven thirty and I just got home from work and I’m dead tired, but I wanted to write you so you’d get this before you left.  You don’t know how I’ve been waiting and waiting for letter from you and wondering why the hell I didn’t get one.  This is Wednesday, by the way, and I got your letter Monday.  I’ve been trying to find time to write but haven’t found any, so now I’m making some.  (Excuse the writing but I’m trying to do this in bed.)

I hope you don’t get bumped on the way back like you did going down.  It’s a bad deal on the Fourth of July weekend though.  But I hope not, because I miss you.  I could fill this letter by saying I miss you!  I miss you!  I miss you!  over and over again.  It wouldn’t be a very interesting letter, but it would be a long one.  Anyway, hurry back, and let me know when you’re supposed to get in.  Okay?

R, you don’t have to worry about Terry.  Maybe I can explain better on paper how I feel.  I think Terry is a better person than she or anyone else thinks.  She’s unsure of herself and doesn’t know what she wants or expects from life.  If I can help her at all I will.  As for anything more than that, no dice.  I might have gone for in a big way before I met you, but not now.  Try to understand, please?

Now, on to the story of my wild two weeks.  Work.  Well, not all work, but quite a bit of it.  Last Saturday though Dex & I got a car together.  It’s the most beautiful ’48 Chevy you ever saw.  Our uncle gave it to us because it didn’t run and was just sitting out in the trees.  So last Saturday we went down to Irene and towed it back.  I diddled around and had a running in half an hour.  We went tearing around Sunnyview in it for a half an hour, then drove it into the station.  We worked on that Sunday and now all we have left is some brake work and install some new seats we bought out of a junker.

Then we’re going to paint ourselves and she’ll be ready to go.  Neat, huh?  I’ll give you a ride next week.  We’re not going to license it until after the first so we’ll only have to pay half-price.  So far we’ve only got about $8 apiece in it, so that’s not too bad.

Wakeman has been planning to take off next Wednesday.  He quit the theater, by the way, and is working on that new church by the hospital.  Anyway, he’s going to take it off.  I tried to talk him into staying until later in the summer, but he won’t.  So tonight I told him that if he waited until the middle of July I’d go with him.  So that is probably when we’ll leave.  We could still leave right after the wedding but I’d rather have a little more money in my pocket when we do.  Besides, I want to be able to see you for awhile.

You know how I’ve always told you whenever I took out another girl?  Well, since you haven’t been to handy for last week and a half I’ll have to tell you now.  One night last week (Tuesday I think) I had a date with Kay Ohm.  You’ll probably hear about that the minute you hit town because we saw the twins and some of your friends as we went into the show, and their mouths just about hit the floor.  Thursday there was a dance at the armory.  I met Barb Nelson, a girl Dex had been hustling, and had a date with her that night.  I’ve only seen Terry three times since you left.  Once we had lunch together, a week ago Sunday I was with her for almost 45 minutes, and last Sunday we went and had a couple of beers at Campbell when I got off work.  So you can see you don’t have to worry about her.

Well, it’s getting late and I have to go to work tomorrow morning, so I’d better close.  Say hi to Nancy for me and wish her and Bernie the best of luck.  You can tell her that I’m a little ticked off at her for keeping you down there so long, and I’m not sure I’ll forgive her (until you get back anyway).  And you be sure to hurry back.  I miss you.