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Dear R,

You don’t know how glad I was to get your letter. I was hoping to get one today but I didn’t really expect it until Mon. I had just come back from a job interview and was telling Bob about it. Ten minutes after I got back he remembered to tell me about your letter. I could have killed him. So I spent the next 45 minutes reading it and re-reading it.

I want to see you so bad it hurts, honey, but I’ll be staying here for sure now. I got a job today in promotional advertising with P.F. Collier, Inc. I get an eleven day training period and get at least $114.50 a week, possibly a lot more depending on how I do in training. There are a lot of possibilities for advancement. Mr. Evans, the personnel manager who interviewed me said that most or all of us he hired (he’s hired several this last week) should make district sales manager within about a year. That runs into the five figure basket, which I sure could use. $$$ We are hoping Bob can get in on this when he turns 18.

R, there is an outside possibility we might make it home over Labor Day. Now I said an outside possibility. But if it’s humanly possible we will. I sure hope we can. Neither Bob nor I care much for Denver. We’ve been up to Boulder quite a bit though and just love it. I found a job up there, too, and I would have actually rather have been able to live up there, but the one with Colliers offers more opportunity as well as money. We went up there this afternoon and told the guy (it was at a Firestone store). He was really nice about it and wished me luck and all. But I couldn’t see taking that job, especially when we got it through and employment agency and would have had to pay them 50% of my first months salary. It was a good salary though, a lot more than I would ever have gotten back home.

Well, gotta go for now. We’re going back to Boulder tonight to an all nite drive in. I’ll write some more tomorrow.



Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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